Need A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner?

Help resolving your parenting disputes is available with the choice of business or after hours appointments in a professional and confidential setting. Appointments are often available within 7-14 days of arranging your individual preliminary session with a professional and experienced FDR Practitioner. Appointments can be made on line.

Resolving Family Disputes

Family disputes can be messy, especially when there are children involved.  There is a lot of hurt feelings, anger and resentment, making resolution of the dispute even more difficult.

On the other hand, with support, prompt appointments and the FDR Practitioner effectively preparing you and the other parent, a successful outcome  is possible. In fact, in excess of 80 % of parents that effectively engage with this service reach an Agreement that is satisfactory to all concerned.  As a FDR Practitioner, Rhonda Emonson has been assisting parents since 2006 and has researched the effective preparation of parents at a PhD level. 

Benefits Of Family Dispute Resolution 

Outside perspective

Once an argument gets heated and emotional, it becomes hard to think straight or communicate effectively. Emotions get in the way.

FDR Practitiners are impartial, and  not emotionally invested in the situation although strive to assist you in reaching an agreement. A FDR Practitioner is skilled in facilitating difficult conversations, even though each parent is often emotionally and physically exhausted due to entrenched conflict.


Parents required to engage in FDR

Part of the problem with parenting disputes is that often both parents believe the other parent is 100%  wrong and they are 100%  right. Because of this, neither side is willing to look at ways to resolve the issues between them.

With Family Dispute Resolution, we work with you to find a solution that works for both parents and to reach an agreement that is developmentally appropriate for any children involved.


Reaching an Agreement

With Family Dispute Resolution, both parents reach an agreement, date and sign the Agreement prior to leaving the session. From there, parents are encouraged to seek legal advice about the Agreement being legally binding.

Reaching an Agreement enables parents and children to ‘get on with their lives‘ and to have structure in arrangements regarding their children.

*Family Disputes (other than separation) are mediated in a similar way to workplace dispute mediation.  


The Process and Pricing

1. Contact

Either parent may initiate Family Dispute Resolution by telephoning to book a Preliminary Conference. At the Preliminary Conference, a comprehensive history is taken and preparation occurs for the joint session with the other parent. The preliminary conference is usually 1.5 hrs in duration. Cost is $170.00 per hour plus GST.

2. Contact with other parent

Following the preliminary conference with the parent that initiated the process, the FDR Practitioner writes a  letter  to the other parent inviting them to come in for their preliminary conference. Each session is confidential and each parent is responsible for paying their own fee at the time of the session. 

3. Preliminary Conference 

The preliminary conference  is then held with the parent that is responding to the invitation to reach agreement about children or property. The preliminary conference is usually 1.5 hrs. cost is $170.00 per hour plus GST.

4. Mediation Session

When both preliminary conferences have been held, parents meet with the FDR Practitioner in a three hour session. When Agreement is reached, the Parenting Plan or Property Settlement is written down and both parents are required to date and sign the Agreement before leaving the session. Parents are advised to seek legal advice about their Agreement prior to, during or after the Mediation session. The cost therefore is 3 x $170.00 + GST for each parent. 

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